Character descriptionEdit

  • Blowfish character - main feature: can inflate and deflate. Round blue lizard creature.
  • Tongue character - main feature: long sticky tongue. Green lizard creature.
  • Digger character - "scratchy" - main feature: long sharp claws. Orange lizard creature.

Character abilities/mechanicsEdit


  • Can inflate itself
  • Can blow air (to float in one direction or to blow away fog) - leads to deflation
  • Can hoved/float down short distances
  • Can float on liquid (water/lava)
  • (Can push things)


  • Can attach its tongue to specific points
  • Can use its tongue as a bridge
  • Can use the tongue to swing across distances
  • Can reach out to catch gems
  • Can pull itself up by the tongue
  • Can pull team-mates up using the tongue


  • Can destroy objects and fragile walls
  • Can dig up gems
  • Can dig through soft dirt and make tunnels

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